About Us


Incorporated in April 2011, the Residents Association of Strawberry Vale, Marigold and Glanford (RASVMG) organization is managed by a Executive Committee of volunteers with an interest in RASVMG's mission and a background of involvement in community associations and leadership in their issues.

Executive Committee provides direction to the RASVMG organization by:

  • Ensuring regular meetings of members to discuss the current planning issues and share ideas on how to be effective in addressing them;
  • Ensuring that the appropriate RASVMG communications are provided on agreed matters to City Committees and Council as appropriate;
  • Manages membership dues to support agreed RASVMG initiatives

Meet the Team

Volunteer members from the community.

Hollis Hodson


Kevin Brown

Member at Large

Anne Topp

Member at Large

Aidan Hodson

Vice President

Anja Nurvo


Shane Bostock

Member at Large

David Baanstra


Paul Hodson

Member at Large

Brian Wilkes,

Member at Large